It’s maybe not amazing how you can go through the same bins of CDs and see something different every time. What is amazing though, is that you can go through the same CD bins and find another twenty or so CDs. Every time you do it. And I don’t mean just feeding the addiction, getting new stuff to have it. I mean, had I seen these CDs the first time I browsed them, I would have gotten them all at once.

Of course, they do add new ones to the mix occasionally, which means I have to check the whole aisle every time I go. Since I don’t know where they drop the new ones, you know. The LP New Arrivals only get put into four bins or so. And at that, they’re always dropped in the front of each bin. So I know when I’ve scanned back about thirty records, I’m not going to find anything new. I know everything that’s already in there. Which is another crazy thing. You see the same pattern enough times, you start to recognize it.

Anyway, I did browse the new LP arrivals and the CDs. I came away with a couple of Rolling Stones live albums on vinyl. And here’s the CDs I hauled away Friday.

That’s a Lot of Music

Two Norah Jones CDs. Three Don Henleys. A John Mayer. Another SarahMac. My collection is finally reaching the point where it was when I dumped all my CDs years ago, because I could now buy MP3s. I still have them all on MP3. I bought them once before. But now I have the CDs back. A buck a piece. That’s the crazy thing. Josey Records has a $1-2 CD bin. But I’ve never found a single $2 CD in there. Only $1. Every one of these was a buck. How the hell can you go wrong?

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