So here are my thoughts on RSD. I think it’s super cool. Thanks for tuning in.

There’s a lot to say about it. But I’ll start by saying that it isn’t for everyone. We’re talking about seeing Star Wars Episode I on the day it comes out. Remember that shit? People camped outside of theaters for like two weeks, dressed in their Boba Fett costumes and sleeping in tents next to a theater? To see a movie? Fuck sake.

Well, that’s sort of what this was like. I arrived at 7:04, presumably four minutes after the doors opened. But actually, I was still a little early. They opened late, around 7:10. No worries there. But by the time I got there, the line was already all the way around the building. And I had parked in this place across the street. So after waiting in line for two or three minutes, I got nervous and hopped out to go move my Jeep. So I lost maybe ten or fifteen spots in line. No biggie. Still waited an hour just to get to the front door. Then you get inside and the line continues, all the way around the inside of the store. And this is Josey records. The largest record store in the nation. It’s like a fuckin’ acre in there. So I waited another almost three hours inside the store, along the perimeter. Standing.

Why? Well, so you can get first dibs on special Record Store Day exclusive releases. If that’s your thing. Well, it’s not mine. I don’t care if my record has an RSD sticker on it. Shrug. Most of the stuff I shop for won’t sell out on the release day. So I might could have found the two I picked up today some time next week in the normal new releases bin. The problem is I wouldn’t have known to look for them. So there is that. But there’s a strategy for that. Check out and see what all releases all the artists put out. Then decide whether you want to wait in line, or chance seeing if it doesn’t sell out and finding it later in the week. Without the line. My two would not have sold out.

I’m sorry, Rolling Stones. I love you, and I own almost every single one of your studio albums. I’ll be there soon. And then I’m getting all your live records. Breaking my rule that I don’t care about live records. But I’m just not gonna pay $56 for a compilation re-release of Hot Rocks 2 just to get the RSD sticker on the cover.

So you finally get up to the bins and you get to sort through them all, in alpha order, looking to see what they have. Not every record store gets every artist’s release. Or maybe by the time you get up there, the one you wanted is sold out. There’s just no way to know. Is it worth it? Shrug. Maybe it is for you.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I did it. I stood in line for four hours to buy two records. I don’t regret it. Will I go to RSD next year? HELL YES I WILL. But not at 7 am. I will show up whenever I want and just shop the record store’s normal aisles. F the RSD bins. I just don’t care. Unless there’s like a Taylor Swift RSD release that features a nude photo insert. Yeah, I’ll wait in line to pick up a copy of that. Otherwise, I’ll participate in the fun, the food truck the beer, the live band on the stage inside, the general hubbubbery of the day. It’s fun. But the waiting in line, for me, was unnecessary.

I did, however, come away with a kick-ass RSD 2022 poster, so there’s that. I also came away with a nice surprise: Voivod finally released Angel Rat on vinyl today, which I had no idea about until I saw it in the bin. I might have squealed like a girl when I saw it. And I picked up a copy of Reigning Sound’s live album, Memphis in June.

Record Haul, RSD 2022

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