Oh my. Oh my, oh my. Check this out: I got a text from Josey records yesterday saying that they were having the biggest sale ever starting today and through the weekend. 25% off all merch, 20% off all new CDs and vinyl, 20% off all used vinyl and CDs, 50% off all DVDs. Now them are some impressive numbers. Right. But reading that in a text, you can easily miss something or mistake one of them numbers for something else. Whatever. Anyway, the point is that I didn’t know it was 20% off all new vinyl. I had I guess just skimmed the message. So I saved like $35 on my new vinyl. I got some stuff I might maybe would have waited for. And when I got my receipt and noticed how much I had saved on new vinyl, it took a huge amount of will power not to go do more shopping. Hell, I even bought a t-shirt.

Dire Straits, Elvis, John Mayer, DLR and Willie

The Dire Straits on the left is an EP. So is the David Lee Roth. But they have such great songs on them I couldn’t pass them up. Then the Elvis and John Mayer are both box sets. The Elvis was ten bucks. It’s got five LPs in it. ALL his Capital Records hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s. He had a couple. How has no one picked that up from the used bin yet? Sheesh. And the LPs are in excellent condition. Somehow I left my Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs out of the picture. I’m retarted. But it and the John Mayer are new. I’m so damned excited about this haul. You know what I’ll be doing tonight!

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