Thrift Store & Discogs Haul!

My wife and I did our little bi-monthly weekend getaway. This time we went to Granbury, so not too far. Just a Friday evening through Sunday afternoon gig. Well, Granbury is full of little thrift shops and antique stores. Those places give me tired-head, big time. It’s sensory overload. There’s so much to look at and process, my eyes and head just start swimming. Of course, I always look through the record bins when I find them. And usually they’re all so picked through that you won’t find anything worth a shit. Mostly stuff from the early 40s or 50s or stuff that you’ve never heard of. Torn jackets, vinyl scratched to hell… Well, we went into this one place – I think it was the last place we checked out – and I just barely caught a glimpse of something roughly 12 x 12 out of the corner of keep reading

Black Box for January 2022

With this being my first month to be a member of the Club, I was excited just to get anything. I had no idea what they would send, of course. But I think these guys are a little bit magic. I love Bob Dylan. Who doesn’t? I’m not big on live albums, but since I didn’t get to choose, I’m okay with whatever they send. Not sure why that makes sense, but it kind of does. Like for instance, the first record my wife bought me was an Alice in Chains live album. I love it. I just don’t normally seek out live shit. Anyway, this is a great record, and I can’t fault them for not knowing that. Moving on, I also got Brittany Howard’s Live at Sound Emporium, which is also a kick-ass record. The quality of the recording here is remarkable. It’s almost like a studio album. keep reading